Currently, Releaf Herbal Cooperative operates as a patients-only Medical Cannabis Cooperative and as such will only admit individuals with a valid, california-issued medical cannabis recommendation until such time as legislation allows otherwise.

Steps to Becoming a Patient:

1. Have your U.S. Government issued photo ID (passports, ID cards and Driver License) and VALID California issued Cannabis Recommendation with you on your first visit. If you have an out of state ID, or non-U.S. passport - please bring proof of residency with your first visit. This may be in the form of: DMV Registration/ID receipt, Lease agreement, utility bill, pay stub with California address.

2. Complete our quick and easy Patient Agreement while we scan and verify your documents. If you have a Recommendation issued by your primary care physician that requires us to verify via fax or telephone, we will need to do so BEFORE serving you – please be patient with us as this is the LAW.

3. Once your documents are verified and paperwork complete, we will issue you a patient ID number for future visits.

4. For all future visits, patients MUST bring BOTH ID AND RECOMMENDATION for entry – regardless of patient status.