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They'll be educating all whom are interested in the wonders of suppositories and serums crafted specifically for women's health!

"Our Story"

We've long been fascinated with the close relationship of humanity and medicinal plants, but our passion really grew during the research & development for Foria Pleasure.

Pleasure, our premier medical cannabis product, was inspired by humanity's 5,000-year relationship with cannabis sativa, and the long history of women using herbal salves for sensual pleasure and relief from discomfort.

We followed nature's design, and the response was sensational, with glowing reviews in:

Our patients experienced enhanced pleasure & sexual renewal — and many reported life-altering relief from severe pelvic discomfort (caused by a variety of different conditions).

This feedback inspired us to develop CBD-rich products like Foria Relief (the first-of-its-kind menstrual-relief suppository) and Foria Explore (a rectal suppository, formulated to enhance relaxation and ease). And in 2018 we'll introduce Foria Empower — an ultra-high-quality cannabis vaporizer, also rich in CBD.

While these formulas have proven to be remarkably effective, the availability of Foria products has been limited to individuals in the few states with medical or recreational cannabis rights...until now.