Awakened Topicals will be providing free samples and hosting a Buy One, Get One Free sale on all of their featured products!


Our philosophy as a company starts with a desire to make the best all natural products possible, using only the highest quality ingredients available, as well as providing superb customer service to each and every one of our unique clients.


Our decision to go plant based and avoid using any animal products in any of our products is based on a respect for all life on earth and for the earth itself.  The raising and slaughtering of animals for humans is the leading cause of environmental degradation on the planet.  We also try and avoid any plastics in our manufacturing process, and source all of our ingredients as locally as possible.  We believe that the earth has provided exactly what we need in our own backyards to heal and to sustain our health and well-being.


We are dedicated to giving back to our community, both locally and globally, human and non human, in a way that is loving, rewarding, and sustainable for all.  We believe that you get what you give, which is why we regularly contribute to non-profit and charitable organizations that are making the world a better place.