"Mercy Wellness of Cotati is committed to providing safe access to medical Cannabis products for our qualified patient members and caregiver members. We will treat our qualified patient members as individuals, courteously, with integrity, respect and honesty. In doing so, we will continually strive to exceed our qualified patient members’ expectations. We are dedicated to keeping our patients privacy maintained, while providing safe, comfortable, and affordable access to a wide variety of the highest quality medical Cannabis products for their individual needs. Our mission is to run a legally and socially responsible Medical Cannabis Collective.

We have worked hard to establish positive relationships with our surrounding neighbors, the City of Cotati and the Cotati Police Department. We are legally Licensed by the progressive, visionary City of Cotati, and operate in strict compliance with all Local and State Laws. (City of Cotati Ordinance 787, Chapter 8.24, and California State Law Proposition 215, Health and Safety Code 11362.5, Senate Bill 420 known as the Medical Marijuana Act)."