We pride ourselves on creating chef-driven, lab-tested, locally sourced cannabis edibles, providing a healthy, dependable and delicious alternative to the cannabis edible market.


Why We Are Different…

Science! From our first days, we’ve recognized that the cannabis plant is more than just THC and CBD. We recognize the benefits of the free aromatic terpenes — the essential oils that so affect the varied experience of cannabis — and incorporate them back into our edibles.

Our on-site labs help our chefs preserve the most valuable elements of the cannabis plant. Our fractional distillation process provides oils with sometimes more than ten times the potency of our competitors. Our decision to fully infuse our products keeps our dosing consistent, and allows for maximum efficiency per dose.

By focusing so heavily on the science of making great edibles, we create an edible that consumers can trust to be accurate, potent, consistent and delicious.

When you offer Flourish products to your community, you are more than medicating them, you are enriching their lives. Flourish Cannabis relies on our partners and dispensaries to deliver a message of wellness and health, driven by a passion for perfection.

What We Do…

Unlike many other edible manufacturers, Flourish focuses on creating edibles that are not only effective, but delicious and healthy. Our chefs eschew processed foods, limit sugars, and work with local farmers and providers to source the freshest and highest quality ingredients available.

Our regional kitchens are the key to our success. By building dedicated kitchens in each of our partner states, our scratch kitchen provides distinctly local and community building products, while avoiding federal restrictions on interstate commerce.

We work hard so that dispensaries, consumers and patients feel good about integrating us into their “Pot Pantry.” We’re glad that so many patients across the country have made our medicated edibles part of their daily intake.