"Our goal is to create, innovate and supply quality high end boutique concentrates and extracts for small and large dispensaries alike. In addition we are focused on creating our own products such as vape cartridges and pens, with an emphasis on unique and superior quality to provide greater options for the consumer at large. With this core philosophy, Americana CO2 pushes the boundaries beyond what is accepted as the status quo in the Marijuana industry as a manufacturer of superior quality concentrates with safety in mind. Realizing that even the best strains can be ruined with improper processing, we engineer our concentrates with precision and attention to detail from the beginning to insure a consistently incredible product time and time again. At Americana , we are passionate not only about the quality of our concentrates, but working diligently to provide the best customer service and value in our industry. We are not only fans of marijuana and especially concentrates, the staff of Americana Co2 is also adamant connoisseurs of pop culture, art, music and everything that makes America an awesome place to be. As a company we strive not to be a faceless name in the expansive crowd of concentrate makers in the industry. Our goal is is to not only to create the innovated concentrate products out there but to also connect with our clients and to illustrate that our brand is one of excellence but also a fun and delightful brand to be part of.