Twas the night before Christmas when all through the club,

not a patient was stirring - not even for bud.

The bong has been packed and smoked with great care,

in hopes that great munchies would soon be prepared.

When out of the blunt there arose such a cloud,

we flung open the doors to unleash the shroud.

With torches alight and dabbers in hand,

the vapors are rising, carb cap be damned!

Edibles baking with butter so green,

Effects can be felt just at first glean.

Medicated, mellow and merry are we

But now - out of weed - how can this be?!

Back to the club! 

Quick let us dash!

Releaf - here you are - your doors we must pass!

Alas - all are home now - stoned as can be

Fear not for December 26th - reopen will we!